Jacketed Assembly

Jacketed hose assemblies are made out of two flexible hoses, one inside another. The inner hose conveys the medium. The outer hose encloses the inner hose and they are joint together with specific fittings.


Jacketed hose assemblies are primarily used for three specific applications :
■ Cryogenic applications because of their insulation properties : a vacuum can be pulled on the jacket hose to insulate cryogenic liquid
■ Critical applications : when containment of the media conveyed in case of rupture is very critical, a jacketed hose can be a safe solution. The

   outer hose can be connected to leakage detection instruments to rapidely detect leakage.
■ Conveying viscous material through a hose: when the inner media must be kept at an elevated temperature to keep a viscous material in the

   inner hose hot and easily conveyed. The jacked hose can be heated with hot water, steam, hot thermic oil or other products.


Applications used
■ Tanker or rail car unloading
■ Asphalt/ hot mix plants
■ Food/Beverage industries
■ Cosmetic manufactures
■ Chemical/pharmaceutical use


Ideal for
■ Pipe system misalignment
■ Vibration isolation
■ Thermal growth compensation Increase flow of viscous media
■ Media safety containment