Rubber expansion joints are used in a variety of applications. A wide range of media resistance is possible. Rubber expansion joints are able to absorb movements in all directions. They are very flexible which allows excellent absorption of vibrations. The strength of the bellows is realized by Nylon reinforcement wires. Another property of rubber expansion joints is the short, high convoluted bellow. This allows very short built-in lengths. We offer 2 different designs, our M1 (short version) and M1T (long version).



■ Moderate temperature resistance

■ Good pressure resistance
■ Wide range of possible media and material (NBR / EPDM / CSM)
■ Excellent vibration absorption
■ Short built-in lengths (M1 - short version / M1T - long version)




Rubber expansion joints are available in various materials. These are specific per type and always indicated by a color band. The flanges are manufactured in zinc plated steel as standard. Stainless steel flanges are available on request.




For the calculation of rubber expansion joints no specific standards are available. Our R&D department has developed a high quality standard range. Assemblies are possible with flanges according to European standard (EN 1092-1). Flanges according to ANSI standard (ASME B16.5) or to JIS standard (JIS B2220) are also possible.




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