Limiters are threaded rods with bolts.


■ These are mounted using welding lugs.
■ On one side the bolts are tightened to

   the welding lug, on the other side the

   bolts are used as limiter bolts.
■ Positioning defines the maximum

   extension and compression of the  expansion joint.
■ If the expansion joint is stretched longer than the limiters allow, the

   limiter bolts will prevent more stretching. This is used as a protection of

   the bellow.


Balancers are threaded rods with spherical washers and bolts.


■ These are mounted using welding lugs.
■ On both sides the bolts are tightened to

   the flange.
■ Due to the spherical washers the threaded

    rods can still move in all directions but axial. This allows tilting of

    balancers and therefor lateral movements of the expansion joint.
■ Axial movements are not possible. This has the benefit that there

   are no pressure forces acting on the piping system.

Inner Liner

An inner liner is a pipe which is fixed on one side of the expansion joint.

■ Fixation is always at the side of

■ An inner liner prevents medium of

   staying in the corrugations of the

■ This feature is often used for fine granular media.
■ Also used for the improvement of the flow. A more straight surface

   leads to fewer turbulences and therefore to a better flow.


A braid is an outer protection of the bellow.

■ It allows to use the bellow in higher

    pressure  applications.
■ The braid controls the forces on the

    bellow. In addition, it is also a protection

    for damage from the outside.
■ A disadvantage is a limitation of movement.

Heat Protection Sleeve

A heat protection sleeve is a sleeve made out of glass fiber and silicon which protects the bellow from high temperatures and flames.

■ It protects the bellow from exposure to high temperature environments such as molten steel, molten aluminium and molten glass. It's also resistant to weld spatter.

■ Withstands continuous exposure up to 260°C, 15-20 minutes at 1000°C and peaks up to 1200°C (15-30 seconds)

■ When exposed to a flame, the silicone reacts with oxygen to form a SiO2 refractory layer.

■ High temperature and flames. It is pulled over the bellows and tightened with fixation rings. These allow the use of bellows in applications that require more temperature resistance. Also known as pyro jacket.

■ The heat protection sleeve also has good insulation properties to prevent energy losses and reduce the risk of severe burns.

PTFE Lining

If higher chemical resistance is required in the applications it can be a good solution to add a lining in the bellow.

■ Capability to foresee a liner in

   stainless steel expansion joints as well

   as in rubber expansion joints.
■ Combines the best of both worlds. High    flexibility / chemical

   resistance at moderate pressure rates for rubber lined expansion 

   joints and high temperature/pressure resistance for stainless steel

   lined expansion joints.


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